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Beyond-Oil provides a way for people with modest incomes to transition to zero emission electric transport. Perhaps you are waiting for electric cars to eventually be sold second hand at lower prices. Now Beyond-Oil enables you to keep your fuel vehicle for longer drives or luggage carrying trips, and use your electric bicycle or scooter for the local, lighter trips. With experts now saying that our carbon budget must be severely limited to avoid dangerous climate change, now is the time to set yourself up with some kind of electric vehicle. When fuel rationing begins electric vehicles may be a lot harder to source if exporting countries quarantine their stock for their own citizens..

Beyond-Oil is managed by Sapoty Brook, an electrical engineer orientated towards finding and providing transport solutions for an over-heating world. In the past he has developed and marketed solar power equipment, and has built a small experimental solar vehicle. More recently he has been marketing recycled motor scooters and developing a revolutionary kind of propulsion system. He sees electric motor scooters and electric bicycles and tricycles as a financially viable pathway for many people to quickly become carbon neutral.

If you are interested in getting a quote or purchasing a near wholesale electric scooter or electric bicycle please complete the form at the shop page.

Many of our customers love their electric bikes and want more people to discover the benefits and joys of light electric vehicles. So Beyond Oil provides these supporters and shops with their own copies of this website so they can promote Beyond Oil ebikes locally or in their region.