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Learn more about the benefits of electric bicycles on this American video.

Now Beyond-Oil is making this carbon-clean transport more affordable and thus more available by offering retail at near-wholesale prices for electric bikes. In addition to our range of electric bicycles we offer high quality and performance conversion kits in case you prefer to convert your existing bike to electric.
Current data for atmospheric CO2 What you save?

Can you afford to miss out on the savings of electric transport?

Let's say the total cost of operating your electric bicycle will be $1 per 100 km. Your car probably costs you at least $20 per 100km for petrol and maintenance. If you drive just 250 km per week you save at least $47.50 per week and that is not counting the depreciation of the value of your car which could easily be another $45 per week!

So let's say you will save at least $70 per week by using an electric bicycle. In less than 16 weeks you have covered it's cost.* You can see that on the occasions that you do need a car you will have saved enough to cover a car rental or pay for a truck delivery. That's cool for you and the planet.

If you are curious to know more, please see our frequently asked questions (faq) page. If you are interested in learning more about renewable energy, electric vehicles, peak oil, or climate change see our links page.

*Due to the fluctuating exchange rates and other costs we reserve the right to change prices at any time.

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Why an elctric bicycle? Have fun : Simplicity : No Licence : No Registration : No Insurance : Ride Beautiful Bike Paths: Saves Your Energy : Choice to Exercise : No Parking Hassles : Keeps You Fit : Faster In Peak Hour : Saves Fuel Costs : Saves Depreciation Costs: Saves Our Eco-System