City Mountain Bike

City Mountain Bike style [City MTB]

It is comfortable, fast and reliable.

Frame: Aluminium
Frame size: 48 cm/19"
Colours: Black or Yellow
Wheel: 26" Alloy
Weight: 24 kg
Braking: Disc Brakes
Front Suspension: Top Gun 
Derailleur Gears: Shimano 7 speed
Quick Adjust Handlebar.
Spokes: Top Quality S/Steel (Taiwanese)
Bottom Bracket: Sealed Bearings
Maximum Speed: 25 km/h* Legal Maximum.
Range: 45 km (with light pedaling)*
Power Options: Pedal/Throttle/Pedal assist
Motor: 250 W Brushless Rear Hub.
Battery type: 36 V Lithium NMC longer life** (lockable & detachable)
Battery Capacity: 11.6 or 17.4 Ah
Charger: 2 or 3 A.
Battery recharge time: 3-6 hours
Max no. of recharges: 800 to 2000+.
Battery Weight: 3.5 or 5 kg.
Load Capacity: 120 kg.

Model: CITY-MTB Features upright quickly adjustable handlebars, long mudguards, city tyres, and a double stand.

City Mountain Bike

Extras Included:

Front and Rear Lights connected to main battery.
Strong Rear Rack.
Throttle Switch (throttle overrides pedal assist) On/Off.
Pedal Assist Switch Low/Med/High.
Compass Bell.
Pump and Water Bottle. [Pump may be separate]
Tool Bag and Instruction Manual.
Rider's Rain Coat.

* Based on full charge. The range depends on stop/starts, road conditions, manner of use and total weight of riders.

** Lithium Longer Life (NMC) batteries (in contrast to Lipo) are generally recognised as the best value for money because of their longevity, high energy density, and fire safety.


2 year Electrical Parts-Only Warranty on batteries (battery subject to pro rata replacement if capacity is less than 70% of rated Amp-hour capacity within 2 years of normal use), motor, controller, and other electrical parts except charger which has 6 month warranty. We recommend using surge protected powerboard for charging.  See website FAQ for more details. See website FAQ for more details.

Detailed Photos

Take a closer look at our product through these detailed photos...

right side view

Black or yellow frames available depending on stock.
The brand stickers shown above have been replaced by the more subtle and easily removed version shown below. The double stand is missing on the bike below, and it has a longer 16 Ah battery.

City MTB yellow

The following special upgrades are on all the latest Beyond Oil ebikes. You can depend on us to do the right thing. We believe in going the extra mile to provide you with quality and reliability.

engineering improvements

bike on grid to show size

This is a 26" bicycle with a 19" frame size. Note that there is no shock absorber on the seat post so the seat can go lower than on the Classic MTB. Instead, the seat has a hinge discussed later.

near minimum seat position

The seat is shown here 4 cm above its lowest position with the measuring tape starting from floor level.

max seat position

This is the maximum height of the seat. For tall people: the length from the top of the seat at it highest position, to the top of a pedal at its lowest position is 94 cm. The frame is light and robust: it is aluminium alloy. You can tell it is aluminium because the tubes are bigger, but lighter.

frame seat battery

Your bike comes with a light and reliable lithium NMC longer life battery. This latest-technology battery handles vibration well e.g. on gravel roads. It plugs into the bike at the bottom end when you slide the battery into place.

You can easily check the state of charge of the battery by pressing the meter button on the top of the battery. See the FAQ for a detailed comparison of this type of battery with others.

It is a 36 V Lithium NMC Longer Life Battery. 11.6 Ah capacity gives 35 to 90 km range depending how you use it. The longer battery is 17.4 Ah capacity than the 11.6 Ah battery. You switch it on with the key; and the battery is lockable/removable. You can remove the battery if you need to charge it somewhere else. You hinge the seat up out of the way when you want to remove or insert the battery into the bike.

A 36 V system gives you better acceleration and hill climbing.


battery top

You can easily check the approximate state of charge of the battery by pressing the button on the top of the battery.

battery connector

The battery plugs into the bike at the bottom end when you slide the battery into place. [Just blow the dust off]

This battery will take you about 50 km with light pedaling, or 35 km with no pedaling. Your battery will still charge to 80% of its initial capacity after at least 800 deep discharges, and if you keep it topped up it can last 2000 charges. The cost of lithium batteries is reducing every few months, so by the time you need a new one they will be pretty cheap: especially from! :-) .

A full recharge takes 5 hours using the included charger which is like a laptop charger. We recommend you switch to Green Power renewable electricity using some of your savings on car running costs (eg. sign-up for 100% wind power for your home's electricity).


2 Amp [AC] Battery Charger. 

We also have ebikes with 17.4 Ah batteries in case you need extended range (it is just like having a bigger fuel tank).

Hub Motor, etc.

    The battery is protected from over discharging, initially by reduction of power to the motor, followed eventually by protective shut down of power. This is done by a sophisticated Battery Management System inside the battery case.

You activate the motor by pedaling, then you can take over control of the motor with the hand throttle, if you wish. You have the choice (details below).

Not only that, when you want more exercise then you can switch to LOW pedaling assistance. When you are feeling exhausted after a long day then you can switch it to MEDIUM or HIGH pedaling assistance!

hub motor

The high torque motor combined with the lithium battery provides plenty of power. It feels like the power of one or two other people helping you pedal whenever you need it. You will pedal up hills as if they are flat. It makes riding a pleasure.

The beauty of a hub motor is that the power is directly connected inside the wheel with few moving parts. This makes them very reliable, durable, and energy efficient. Unlike gasoline motors, modern electric motors with powerful rare earth magnets have excellent torque over a very wide range of rpm and speed. This is why it is unnecessary to have selectable gears on an electric hub motor.

A hub motor saves the chain and gears from wear and tear, and that saves you maintenance hassles.

The Legal Maximum power of a powered bicycle in Australia is 250 Watts for a Pedelec, and 200 Watts for a non-Pedelec. A Pedelec will not provide power to the motor unless the pedals are being turned.
(We have 500 Watt bikes and conversion kits available for use on private land and outside Australia).

contact info

Now take a closer look at the features of this bike:

display on

buttons explained

You can control how much motor power you use to assist your pedaling (PAS)! So when you want more exercise then switch it to LOW assistance. When you are feeling exhausted after a long day then switch it to HIGH assistance; otherwise MEDIUM may be just right.

Using this control panel and red on/off switch on the throttle you can select any combination:

1. No throttle or PAS: for serious exercise.

2. PAS and Throttle Operation: keeping the throttle available in case you need it.

3. PAS-only Operation: conserving power with out having to think about it.

4. Throttle-only Operation: when you want complete control.

Note: When using any of the Pedal Assistance (PAS) modes there is a short delay in the operation of the motor when starting and stopping to pedal. There is no delay in the throttle-only mode.

Note: Often Pedelec bikes only have PAS and do not have a throttle. The Pedelec Standard EN15194 allows use of a throttle at low speeds. We provide a throttle that goes up to 6 km/h intended for walking beside the bike. When you ride on private property you can easily unplug a wire to allow full throttle up to the pedelec maximum speed: 25 km/h. Information about how to do that will be emailed to you when we dispatch your ebike. 

Also note the small light to warn you when the front and rear lights are on.

gears deraileur

NOT six but seven speed Shimano gears included: that gives you quality and reliability.

7 speed shifter

Quality Shimano gear shifter.


These upright [swept back] handlebars are a key feature of our CITY MTB model and are ideal for riding in an upright position. This position is particularly safe for city riding because you can look over the roof of most cars.

quill lever closed

An adjustable height handlebar (quill) stem is included.

quill lever open

When the lever is unlatched and raised both the handlebar position and the angle of the stem can be easily adjusted.

front suspension

Front fork Top Gun suspension: more quality for you.

front disc brake

rear disc brake

Front and Rear disc (not servo) brakes: good braking in the wet.

"The major problem with servo-type brakes is that they can cause unintentional wheel lockup." --Sheldon Brown

motor cable connector

Here is something special: someday you might need some work done on the rear wheel. Bike shops may freak out because most electric bikes have an electric cable going into the wheel that is very difficult to unplug from the bike. They will be able to easily unplug the rear wheel on this bike because we provide a special plug for that purpose. We do it because we care about your peace of mind.

distribution box

This distribution box is situated in front of the handlebar, above the front light. It contains connectors for each of the electrical devices on the handlebar: PAS display, throttle, brake switches. This is very helpful if electrical repairs are ever needed.

throttle with red button

We provide a throttle that goes up to 6 km/h intended for walking beside the bike. When you ride on private property you can easily unplug a wire to allow full throttle up to the pedelec maximum speed: 25 km/h.. Strictly speaking a throttle can only be used below 6 km/h on a Pedelec unless you are on private land.

Robust twist grip throttle (Hall effect, brushless: very durable), and a red button to turn the throttle on or off. This enables you to start the motor without having to pedal. For example, this can be very useful for starting off when going up a steep hill.

controller cabinet hatch

This bike has an electronic brain called a controller which controls the hub motor. It is hidden below the battery, in the controller cabinet, behind this hatch. The wiring in here is not for the faint-hearted.

PAS sensor disc

A look under the bottom bracket reveals the disc near the top of this picture. This disc turns with your pedaling. The turning is monitored by a sensor [light colour] beside the disc, which feeds info to the controller about your pedaling.

pedals and chain guard

Robust pedals and polycarbonate chain guard to keep your clothes clear of the rust proof chain.

double kick stand

A double kickstand keeps your bike stable and upright.

flip lever seat

Comfortable seat with lever (under rear) to unlatch the seat when you want to remove the battery.

battery removal

You don't have to remove the battery to charge it.
The battery key has three positions [1 to 3 going clockwise]:
1. Unlocked: the battery can be removed.
2. Locked but OFF.
3. Locked but ON.
The key must be pushed inwards slightly to go from position 2 to 1.

The high torque motor combined with the lithium battery provides plenty of power. It feels like the power of one or two other people helping you pedal whenever you need it. You will pedal up hills as if they are flat. It makes riding a pleasure.


user manual

A clearly written User Manual is included.

If you like you can browse it in a new window.

At our rock bottom price, this electric bike is a steal.

And guess what...? We’re giving you $150 worth of FREEBIES, too.

pump and water bottle

A separate tyre pump and attached water bottle come FREE.

compass bell

Bell with Compass comes (dust) Free.

rear rack

Strong steel rear rack is included on the bicycle FREE.

rear light

This rear electric light powered by the main battery is included FREE. You wont have to mess about with AA cells. You can switch the lights on and off from the handlebar.

front light

This bright front light powered by the main battery is included FREE.
The light has been upgraded to halogen for better night vision.
Again, no hassling with AA battery cells.

tool kit

Good Tool Kit with lots of tools and a spoke spanner included FREE. Make a mental note of the shape of the spoke spanner so you will recognise it when you get your bike. It is in the little picture overlapping the Tool Kit bag.

A spare fuse for the battery is also provided.

riders raincoat

Last but not least we have thrown in a specially designed Rider's Raincoat FREE. You wont have to worry about getting caught in the rain. It covers your bike and has a window for the front light to shine through too!

*FREE* Extras Included with Bike:

Tool kit, typical price $25
Compass with bell, typical price $5
Front electric light (connected), typical price $10
Comfort-seat, typical price $50
Steel rear rack, typical price $10
Rear electric light (connected), typical price $5
Riders raincoat, typical price $45

Total Saving: $150 ! Undoubtedly a bargain.

Depending on current stock, a battery capacity upgrade from 10 Ah to 16 Ah may be available. This does not increase power; it only increases range.

At Beyond-Oil we are dedicated to:
            Electric green transport.
            Exceptionally low prices.
            Enthusiastic service.
          Excellent quality.

We deliver Electric bicycles to your door anywhere.

RHS view of City MTB

Approved by DOTARS (Fed. Dept of Transport, etc) for use on Australian roads, and complies with EU standard EN15194 for use on EU roads.

Caution: A bicycle with a higher power motor (electric or fuel) on public roads is viewed as a motorcycle and can result in a fine for riding an unregistered motorcycle, and a fine for riding a motorcycle without a licence.

Go to more places faster,
No Sweat.

Choose when to exercise.

Cruise up hills with ease.

Cut your car costs, and

Have Lots of FUN!

Includes $150 worth of extras FREE!


Your bike will be delivered to your door 95% assembled, in a bike carton. We use an extra strong carton to protect your bike from damage during freight. Just put the front wheel, handle bar, seat, pedals, and front light on using the tools provided. Assembly instructions are available via the FAQ page. Make sure all other screws and bolts are tightened: especially those on the stem and handle bar.

Then get the brakes adjusted and the spokes checked for tightness, and ride away.

The safety and final assembly of the bike is your responsibility. Do not ride the bike until you are certain it is safely assembled.

Key Points

Excellent Quality.

Light Aluminium Alloy Frame: no heavy steel alloy.

Seven Speed Shimano Gears: great on hills.

Sealed Bearings in bottom bracket: durability.

High Quality Taiwanese Stainless Steel Spokes: minimises corrosion and breakage.

Powerful & Light 36 V 11.6 Ah [or 17.4 Ah] Lithium NMC Longer Life Battery: best value, safest & longest life span lithium: including 24 month pro rata Warranty.

Durable High Torque Brushless Hub Motor: no worn out brushes.

Hall Effect Throttle provided.

Adjustable pedal activation PAS: easy to use and reliable.

Computerised Battery Management System: no damaging voltage extremes.

Front and Rear Lights powered by the lithium battery: no AA cells.

Free Extras, Great Price.

Two Year Non-Wearing Parts Warranty and Caring After-Sale Service

Fast Delivery to Your Door Australia-Wide

Delivery of Orders outside Australia take about 4 Weeks.

As a Beyond-Oil buyer you get a massive discount. Normal retail price for an electric bicycle of this quality ranges between $1,500 and $2,500. So buy from us and $ave 100's.

$av€ a £ot of Mone¥.