Electric Bicycles

What Do You Get

With an electric bike, you’ll...

  • Get to places faster—no need to battle through freeway traffic
  • Enjoy pedaling up hills—no more struggling on the pedals
  • Squeeze in exercise during your daily commute when you choose to
  • Cut car costs in terms of gas, maintenance, and insurance
  • Cut your carbon footprint and have fun while you’re doing it

We can provide you a lithium electric bicycle at retail prices below wholesale, and we can deliver right to your doorstep anywhere in the World.

You can select from various extras, and we provide you with several extras FREE.

You will be able to choose when you want to get some exercise, and when you don't want to pedal. It can be good to relax when you need a rest, or you need to arrive sweat-free!

Electric bicycles are great for journeys up to 50 km or more. The power assist is fantastic climbing hills.

Electric bicycles don't have to be registered and you don't need a licence (except in a handful of countries/states).

rear disc motors gears

Governments usually set the maximum power allowed on street-legal bicycles. They may also set a speed at which the electric assistance cuts out. We can set-up your bicycle to conform to your country's regulations.

For Example:
Australia 200 Watts / Pedelec 250 Watts
Canada 500 Watts
EU Pedelec 250 Watts
India 250 Watts
New Zealand 300 Watts
USA State-by-State.eg: California 1000 Watts with 20mph cut out.
For more detailed information see here.

We can provide up to 500 Watt bicycles. We can also provide Electric Conversion Kits for you to upgrade your favorite bicycle.

In most countries we can provide slower delivery if you want a lower price.

We do everything with quality as our highest priority.

Are you choosing a brand?

Here are the important things you should know.

Beyond Oil electric bikes have some unique features that distinguish them from the rest:

7 speed gears (6 on the Fold bike),

corrosion-free high quality stainless steel spokes, and

most importantly the amazing LFP (LiFePO4) battery.

Compared to other lithium batteries used on other electric bikes, these robust high tech batteries have nearly Double the life span,

are very safe,

environmentally non-toxic (no heavy metals), and

have a MUCH lower cost for the amount of energy they store over their LONG life time.

They can also be discharged and charged quicker, if you use a more powerful motor or charger.

LFP batteries have a slightly lower energy density than some other lithium batteries, which means they weigh a few grams more. But the energy density advantage is regained within the first year with the slower deterioration of your LFP battery.

In two or three years other bike batteries will be fading and your LFP battery will still be in its prime!

This is critically important because the battery is nearly half the cost of your bike!

Other plusses of the LFP battery are:
+No risk of overheating and explosion. (sleep easy)
+ 4 to 5 times longer charge/discharge cycle lifetime. (save money)
+ 8 to 10 times higher discharge power (hill climbing)
+ wider operating temperature range (snow and desert).
                       If you have time to learn more see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lithium_iron_phosphate_battery.

And finally, in contrast to flimsy plastic batteries, because our batteries are encased in an extruded aluminum sleeve, the cells stay cool and are strongly protected from accidental damage.

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What do we offer

We have four styles: