Bike Conversion Kits

Electric Conversion Kits - Convert your bike to Electric!

Up to 1000W maximum power!

Example of Kit Fitted to Bike
This example has the biggest motor and battery available.

We can supply Front or Rear Wheel Kits for 20" through to 28" and 700C wheels. Rear wheels can be fitted with 5 or 6 gears. 
Front Wheel or Rear Wheel. Front wheel drive wheels can sometimes spin going up steep gravel roads. Rear wheel drive is a little more expensive.

Front Wheel Motor Rear Wheel Motor

Our range of Motors: 200W to 1000W.

ControllerThrottleBrake Levers
Controller --- Throttle --- Brake Switches [to cut-off motor when you brake]

Our range of Voltages: 24V to 48V.

Battery LiFePO4Battery Bag
Battery ---- Battery Bag

Our range of Lithium Battery Capacities: 10Ah to 40Ah [LiFePO4 battery]
[Don't go near SLA Lead Acid batteries... they are too heavy and short lived.]


You get a Charger and Battery Management System.

Our supplier has developed an advanced Battery Management System [BMS] that provides exemplary battery safety and performance [up to 20A continuous discharge current]. This BMS will be included free with your battery.

Note: It is your responsibility to check the maximum power allowed in your region, country, or state for an electric bicycle. If you choose a motor over that power limit the law only allows you to use it on your private property.
Purchasing from Beyond-Oil (Beyond Oil Pty. Ltd.) confirms your agreement to this limitation of use, and also confirms that you indemnify beyond-oil and the owner, Sapoty Brook, against legal trouble or damages resulting from any illegal use of your over-powered motor.

Please note that the photos on this page are an example and not necessarily how your kit will look. If you want to confirm exactly what will be provided in your kit please ask for a photo by email.

We deliver Worldwide by Airmail or Seamail.