Took the bike out for the first ride this morning. The verdict: WOW

Only needed power assist on the uphill sections. That was enough to avoid over straining my bad knees. I have rediscovered the fun of bike riding.

Because the uphill sections are no longer a problem, I ended up riding longer and further; and getting more exercise than I did with a non-electric bike. Also tried the hand throttle on an uphill section. Great sensation!

Wish I had done it earlier; years earlier. But better late than never. 

Regards, Felix

My bike came today. Your courier is amazing. The carton didn't have a mark on it. Bike went together in about 30 mins thanks to your videos (that rear rack is great and sturdy but really hard to line everything up). Brakes needed a tiny adjustment on the front, turned out the wheel wasn't in 100% square with the brake. Other than that its first ride was brilliant. 35km on a bike path with massive hills, never broke a sweat. Never short of breath. The whole time in high assist mode. 
I like the smart battery meter as well, how it sort of shows how much longer the charge will last under current load, so for a while when it dropped below full I'd just peddle a tiny bit harder and it'd jump back up to full. I averaged about 27km/h with bursts up to 30 in top gear on a flat, it was very solid at 60km/h coming back down the hills. Brakes work brilliantly. The ride's smooth and comfortable. The only thing I can fault is the free bike pump. I used it for 5 mins and only went up to 20psi. But it's free and I have a co2 pump for the tool kit anyway.
Mate thoroughly impressed, not only with the bike but your level of service, wealth of information and care taken by the logistics company. 
When ever anyone asks me about it I'll send them directly to your website.

Thank you, Joel. Readhead, NSW.

Re my pre Christmas Order  Thank you for the professional way in which you conduct business it made my purchase so easy. I have no hesitation in recommending you to any potential customers Thanks also to BlueStar Logistics who delivered on time and no damage. 

Graham Robinson WA

Sue from Broome sent a photo...

ebike in the desert

Beyond Oil,
Just a brief note to tell you how pleased I am with the 20” folding electric bicycle. As an 80 year old man in a one car family I felt it would be convenient to have alternative transport when the car was unavailable. Though I have not ridden a bike for many years I found this model well balanced and easy to ride. The smooth power output from the motor and ease of control was a very pleasant surprise. In fact it’s so good that I tend to forget to pedal and find myself enjoying the luxury of effortless, silent cycling. An other surprise was how little effort is required to pedal the bike without the motor. It’s nice to know that should a power failure occur it can be brought home without difficulty. I would certainly recommend this model to any of the older generation who, like me, enjoy a little exercise, the outdoors and to a large degree independence.

customer on Fold

Regards Alex McTaggart. Perth W.A.

Hey Sapoty,
Finished assembling my bike yesterday afternoon and quite proud of myself being a complete novice. Really quite an easy job with some thought and common sense..and checking the videos and pics available on your web site. Went for a test ride and loved it. Hills really do become flat. Will take some practice to get optimun use from the power assist but looking forward to heaps of fun and savings. Riding to work and back will be about 100km each week. My car uses 12 l/100k in the city hence 12 litres fuel saved each week or about $20 per week. $1000 per year equals bike paid for in first year. Not to mention savings on car maintenance. 
As a precaution I have booked the bike into my local bike shop for a final check over and lube where necessary eg the chain. They can also check my assembly although everything worked great on the test ride. 
Just one thing.....the bike came without a pump. should one have been included?
Overall very happy with the bike thus far and so glad I made the decision to buy from you.

many Thanks, Derek Jones.

I recently became aware of Beyond Oil and Sapoty Brook via the Internet and I was drawn to their attractive looking products and pricing. After completing an online order for a new cycle, taking a couple of deliveries, engaging in numerous emails and conversations via phone and skype, I wanted to say how impressed I am with Sapoty and his Company.

Sapoty’s online information, videos, instructions and photos were excellent and I was impressed by the philosophies behind his various innovative and eco friendly products, not to mention the very fair and reasonable pricing and his prompt and reliable service.

I could tell from the outset that it was not “all about the money”. I felt that Beyond Oil seemed to take a much more holistic relationship approach resulting in win-win-win with the customer, supplier and the environment. This impressed me, especially when I realised that similar products from other vendors would have been inflated to much higher prices. I think all Sapoty’s customers will appreciate and respect his fair pricing approach.

Everything happened the way Sapoty said it would, the ordered goods were delivered on time and fine tuning and problem solving via email and phone was conducted in both a fun and professional manner and Sapoty demonstrated to me that he stands behind the products he sells and keeps his word.

For these reasons, you can deal with Sapoty over the Internet with piece of mind. I wouldn’t hesitate to order again from Sapoty and Beyond Oil.

MP, Adelaide, SA

I've fitted the throttle, very simple indeed.  Works well. But my wife likes the  assisted mode. Below is a photo of my wife on the bike. Thanks for your help, will recommend the bike and your service to my friends in my bike club and my campervan club.  http://aussiemotorhomers.com/ forum/showthread.php?tid=3425

Gil and PamWebster, Frenchs Forest, NSW.


Elwyn W., Gold Coast Q

Well one week after ordering my new electric bike, a trip across the country in under a week, pretty good, the packing box was unmarked so I proceeded to unpack and then assemble after laying all pieces out and deciding on the starting point,all went together fairly logically and after three hours including a lunch break the job was finished including changing of the brake disc pads as per the enclosed instructions.

Next was a thorough check of all aspects and I must say looks and quality of all aspects such as paint, welds and accessories was excellent, I had put the battery on charge during unpacking so now I was raring to go,starting off in low pas mode it was almost spooky to feel the power kick in and you are away almost gliding along,a test then of the throttle mode made feel like I was back on a true motor bike, exuberating to say the least, I could not give the bike an extensive test
as a sever storm front moved into my area but I must say the bike meets all my expectation and not the least was the excellent price delivered to my front door, enjoy.

8 Kelly Street
WA 6230

Ray went on to get a trike for his wife and got the electrics from Beyond Oil. He did a neat job of installing the controller and battery as shown in these photos. Congratulations Ray and partner, you are setting a great example to everyone about how to go electric and cut fossil fuel use, and keep fit as well. Thanks for the photos.

I mainly use my Beyond Oil bike for commuting and it's great. Have done many weekend rides and a massive adventure ride from Sydney to Brisbane. It pays for itself in 6 months of 2 zone bus rides, can't see myself buying a premium brand in the foreseeable future. Convinced my wife I can spend the money I save on gadgets and headphones :)

Cruise at 27km/hr, have done 94km to Redcliffe on a 10ah battery with lots of peddling and I wouldn't call myself fit.
Depends what you need it for I guess, fits my purpose perfectly.
People love their BMW's but my Toyota does the trick.

JP commented on Shaun Moran's group "Electric Bikes"

I could only take it for a little ride this morning and I was ecstatic.  It looked like it was going to rain so I will take it for a bigger ride tomorrow.  So far so good.  All my friends down at the local shop were really impressed!!!  LOL…..it’s a little beauty!  Once again thank you for your time, you have made buying this bike so much easier for me by being so helpful.

Lynley, Binningup WA.

Going to chuck my 2c in here but a bit of background first.

My bike is a $2400 Ezee Forza that came with a 250W front hub and 10AH LiON battery. For a recent tour I bought one 20AH battery for $1000 and rented a second. The Ezee range allows multiple batteries to be hooked up simultaneously and provide 40AH to cruise at 32kph/20mph without peddling on the flat.

On the tour a friend took their Beyond Oil bike and three 30AH batteries in total. It came with one 10AH on the bike and I think the extra ones were around $300 ea. Each battery had to be swapped out after going flat as there's no provision out of the factory to connect more than one at a time. The hub is 200W and cruises around 25kph.

That much cheaper bike did 1300km in 13 days including a few hundred k's on gravel and terrain that prevented speeds over 10-15kph if you like your teeth to stay in your skull. It went everywhere mine did and kept up all the way. 

I love my bike and would 100% buy it again... but at the same time I couldn't possibly try to talk anyone out of getting the other bike because I just can't make a good enough argument. Not one based on cost, ability, performance, or build quality.

That should in no way change your personal preference and love for any particular model but if the requirement is to get from A to B with less than 40k's in between and travel in 25kph then... well... yeh. I fully get the design and astetic desire for a Gazelle bike but I can't actually think of a reason to get one unless it does something specific you want. Instead I would buy 2 cheaper bikes with 2 batteries for each and encourage a SO to come for rides with you on the weekend and enjoy the city. 5000k's later and both mine and my friends bikes are still getting around so at the end of the day it comes down to personal preference and non of the other financial or mechanical factors.

I'm not saying don't get X or Y or you should get Z... and this may not be the best post to a forum but here we are. 

puddle jumper commented on Shaun Moran's group "Electric Bikes" on Brisbane Cyclist

Beyond Oil bikes are now 250 W Pedelecs. It is illegal in Australia and Europe to ride a 250 W bike that can do 32 kph/20mph. The speed limit is 25 kph [+or- 10%] -editor


Photo sent by Sue C, Broome WA

Summing up my experience with my Beyond Oil beginning from initial enquiries to riding my excellent Electric bicycle "Attention To Detail" comes to mind .

Having been around long enough when "old fashioned service" was the norm, it has been a feature of Beyond Oil arrangements and service from go to wo!
As for the price-how could anyone go past it? The most useful accessories advertised as a free gift -well they just must be at that price!
A most impressive bike and impressive performance-Cycling has once again become a way of life that is both enjoyable and rewarding and will save heaps in petrol as time goes by.

Thank you Sapoty.
The Bribie Bird
Robyn Ridley, Bribie Island, Qld, Australia

Hi! got that bike on tuesday and was today the 2nd time to and from work in a breeze, all works well and couldnt be happier,

thanks, Nicole  

The bike is going really well and is just what I wanted. Thanks for all your help.

Allan ........Eight Mile Plains, Qld, Australia

Hi, many thanks for the great service you offer.

best regards Clayton, ........Southport, QLD, Australia.

The bike is going great, I have had it for nearly a year now and have saved over $1200 in public transport fares and I'm getting fitter all the time. 4kg lighter than I was before.

The bike is very strongly built as I did have a bit of a stack on it where I broke my leg in 3 places but the bike was not harmed at all.

Also it has a very comfortable seat for commuting, much better than the other road bikes I have had that have always left me with a sore rear end.

Regards Mike Bentley, Brisbane, Australia.

Yes that was very fast as we spoke of two to three days [for delivery] and here it was 12 hours later and the new bike was at my front door! That was the best service I have had. Love attending this life,


Hi Sapoty

I tried the bike out today and it performed better than I had expected, never having ridden an electric bike before. I actually attempted yesterday afternoon but that was stopped by a freak puncture which could happen to anyone.

Although it is relatively flat where I live the bike still gives one good exercise. It is great when riding against the wind. I do have to get used to the bike accelerating quite fast from stationary but that will just need practice.

I want to thank you for your professional and helpful attitude. Your readiness to assist and your prompt communication is the best that I have experienced in all my transactions online and there have been quite a few. Needless to say I have left positive feedback for you. My only regret is that they don't give one much space to comment.

Nevertheless I have already praised you to a friend and if my word of mouth comments to others results in a sale for you, I shall be more than happy.

Best wishes and kindest regards,
Allan Anderson

well well, very impressive. everything works. looks great, rides a treat, gets a real road test tomorrow, will ride it to work. thanx for all your patience and help.
Its a great bike to ride. its 100% up and going. the controls are taking a bit to get used to, but up hills which there are a lot here and about 20 deg or so tis easy, takes 15mins to get home same as the car, except I dont have to walk to the car. wahoo.

Thanx again

Just a quick email to let you know the bike arrived within 24hrs of the payment being made.
 Dad is stoked with the bike and is realy enjoying riding to work everyday.

Thankyou, Tanya 

Yesterday I was riding home from work and hit torrential rain, seemed like solid sheets of water falling out of the sky. In places there were several inches of water over the road and I had nowhere to stop and shelter, so had to keep riding. I am very happy to say the bike performed flawlessly, no issues at all from the heavy soaking (other than it getting clean). The electrics must have very good water resistance, and it was a great feeling to power through the rain without any issues. 

AJ, Sydney, Australia.

Beyond Oil went out of its way to help me fix a problem, even though I had bought my bike second hand and it probably wasn't even under warranty anymore. Good people to deal with. Thanks for your help, Sapoty.

Peter Smith

Hi Sapoty,

I got the bikes yesterdaY and constructed them this morning. Fully charged and 30klms later, Rebeka and I are thrilled with the quality.

I had electric bikes about 5 years ago and they were archaic compared to these. with the brakes and derailers readjusted, they are completely silent. The biggest problem with us riding is that when Rebeka wears out before myself, I have to slow and wait for her to keep up ... But no longer with these bikes, she just bumps up the assist and we continue to ride together and at at reasonable pace.

Thanks for your assistance.

Paul Briggs [Australia]

My client S [withheld] has just ridden in to see me on his electric bike we purchased for him and he is immensly grateful for it. I thought you might appreciate his comments:

"The electric bike has given me freedom to do what I want. It has cut time in half and has reduced my feelings of exhaustion. Previously I had to walk or get a lifts to places.

The electric bike is great getting up hills and it works so well with my diabetes. I would get diabetic lows walking long distances; with the bike this doesn't happen now. It has made my life so much better. Everything is more convenient. It has made  me feel happier in myself and getting form A to B has been fun - in the past it felt like a chore.

In the past it would take me 1 hour 20 minutes to walk form home to Kings Meadows -and that is only one way. Now it takes me only 20 minutes  to do this distance on the electric bike.

It is a lot more convenient than a car and I am doing a good thing for the environment. I get a lot of satisfaction knowing I am doing a good thing for the environment and my health. The medication I am on for depression has made me put on weight. The  cycling  now is helping to get the weight off."

Thanks Sapoty

I had a short ride on the bike yesterday and I must say I was very pleasantly surprised

It is much better than I expected it to be

As soon as the weather is a bit better over here I will give it a good test and let you know how I go

Cheers, Bruce

Hi Sapoty

I have now given my new bike a good road test and I am very happy with the result

My wife and I are retired and have decided to become a 1 car family

I bought the electric bike so that on the odd occasions when my wife may have the car and I am at home without transport, I can get around our little town if I need to

I would only ever need to go to the shops, the hardware store or the golf club

I did a test run last week to the shops and the golf club which was about a 10 Km round trip

This was done with about 98% no peddling. I only peddled a bit when going up hill

The result was excellent. The power and the speed were more than adequate and the battery was still 2/3 charged when I returned home

I am very happy with my bike and I am sure I will get a lot of enjoyment out of it, as well as the convenience of local transport when needed

Thanks for all your help during the purchase and delivery stage

Bruce Oldman
Goolwa SA

Hi Sapoty,
Thought I’d give you an update on how thoroughly impressed I am. The [conversion kit] unit runs cooler than any previous systems I’ve had and that can only be good. There is a significant regeneration effect going downhill, that was a surprise. Don’t know if that will still be the case when I upgrade to Lithium.
Only one problem that was easily sorted. Whoever designed the headlight [included in kit, different to my standard one] had never used it on a dark country road. The splashback of light from the lens surround was dazzling and the blue LEDs of the power meter even more so, almost unusable. I masked the lenses and sprayed the whole thing flat black. I can still see the power meter LEDs even in daylight but I’m not dazzled anymore and it's a really good light.
One more plus; every system I’ve got previously was packed in foam. Just loved the cardboard packing [sometimes we still need to use some foam].

Robin, Australia.

hi i wish to thank you for a very good and quick delivery your instruction were good and accurate therfore had no probs assembling the bike charged it and took it for a small run and liked itvery much sadly i had to give it to my dad who is a very happy 85 year old.I might be interesed in getting 1 for myself in the near future, any way thanks a lot for now.

Frank Vella,  Australia.

Interview with Customer: 7065-Samuel-Sheridan-Garrity-black-250W-MTB-SEA-ews-uk

Why did you want an electric bike? I decided to get an electric bike because i moved 3 miles away from work and it was taking me an hour to walk. I thought an e-bike might help me to get there faster and wth less outgoings from my bank. 
Why did you decide to buy from Beyond-Oil? I saw beyond-oil had an advert on ebay which looked great value for money for what you get. Sapoty from Beyond oil provided some great advise for me in buying an e-bike and said he would be their to give me support. I decided to buy the bike from beyond-oil as the service and support in doing so gave me the confidence that i was buying the bike from the right company and person.
How did you feel when it was delivered? I was really excited to open the bike because it would be the end of my one hour walk to work. When i opened the bike i was amazed at the quality of every part. I maybe took a gamble at ordering it from overseas but this gamble really paid off.

I'm very happy.The bike is fantastic.I use to go to my job : Tt was super genial! I recommand your bike to my friends Thank you ver much

Philippe, France

Maria sent this video clip describing her experience purchasing from us.

- Maria, Sydney, Australia.

Well surprise surprise I have been able to complete putting this bike of yours together with my wife Dawn and myself and it didn’t take that long and I was riding it around just to test it out and see if every thing felt okay, then tightened every thing up then it took about 4 hours to fully charge up to get the battery charger to got to green and it works exactly as your said it would.

  1. Sapoty you were very good to do business with and much appreciated, as buying some thing on-line can be a bit risky but I always felt I could trust you because the way you did things for me during the whole of buying this bike through you as you were really great help to me.
  1. The delivery of the bike in the box it was in was very well handled and was it great shape when it arrived, and to have it in two days from my last payment was really great service
  1. The best part of putting this Electric Bike together was the letter you put in with the bike. It was a really a great help and made putting the bike together really easy. The information on the letter about how to ride this electric bike and getting the motor to work was also very useful.
  1. The bike itself I really like because of it’s lightness of it’s weight and can be ridden as a normal bike as it’s very easy if you just want to go for a normal ride which I have done a few times a nice calm days, the electric bike is goes pretty quickly when I use pedal power as well and I don't won't to pedal I can just turn the throttle and it will go as fast as the motor maximum speed.

 Thanks heaps for your time and being so helpful

Kindest Regards,
John Chant - South Australia